Flameless Wax Candles

Flameless wax candles are unique and great to use and have quickly become some of the most popular and safest types of candles among millions of homes. These candles spread their wonderful scents and ‘fiery’ glow not with fire – but with electricity. They have the appearance of a real candle without all of the danger.

These candles do not use a wick like normal candles do – but they still use wax. All you have to do is purchase the type of candle holder you would like and the scented wax that you want to use. The wax comes in the form of bars that you flameless-candles1can easily break apart and place inside of your candle. They are then heated using a 25 watt light bulb. There are more than 100 different scents that can be found and they come in different colors.

One of the reasons these candles have become so popular is because they are safer to use around children. We love to use candles to help our home to smell great and to create a warm atmosphere within it. But the fact that our children can accidentally knock it over or get to curious with it makes us afraid to use them.

With flameless wax candles they are safe to use around children. They have no wick and no fire to worry about. The candles have been produced using special ingredients that create the wax that you use.

The scented wax bars may melt fast – but they will burn for up to 60 to 80 hours at a time. This allows your home to smell fresh longer. The smell is strong and will also linger around long after you have turned the candle off.

You can now place these flameless wax candles on your windowsill, in your bathroom, and underneath curtains. They are safe to use around your children and pets because they are not made to burn higher than the body temperature of a person.