Flameless LED Candles

When Halloween comes around we do all that we can to decorate our home in the right fashion. We hang up pumpkins in the hopes that people walking by will stop to notice and admire our handiwork. One effect that we have a hard time completing is getting the chance to carve our pumpkin head and giving it that eerie glow that makes it look truly scary.

We do not have the ability to use candles because it would melt the pumpkin and could catch on fire creating a disaster we don’t want to have to deal with. The best solution to this problem is simple – flameless LED candles.

Flameless LED candles are truly unique and are slightly different from flameless wax candles. Flameless wax candles use actual bars of wax that are placed inside a votive or candle holder where it is melted through the use of a light bulb. Flameless LED candles are actual candles made out of special wax.

They are flameless battery powered operated candles that are created from wax that is very real. Using special technology a light is able to glow from the inside of the candle creating a warmth that is similar to a real candle. This glow comes from an LED light bulb that looks very much like a real wick.

These flameless LED candles are very realistic and many people have to look twice to tell them apart. Now you can have the look of a romantic evening or a scary pumpkin without all of the hassle or the worry. These specially designed candles can be used around curtains, pets, children, and even pumpkins with no worries.